How do you say thank you for a job well done?

Here’s a question for all of you fabulous bosses, employers and supervisors out there – when is the last time you thanked an employee for a job well done?

If your answer is, “Why should I? They get a pay check every Friday,” or “I don’t have time to say thank-you for every little thing,” then you need to keep reading.

According to Bob Nelson, writer of 1001 Ways to Recognize Employees, money isn’t number one on the list of performance drivers. This may come as a surprise to those who think that money is the only factor important in keeping employees happy.

Interested in what the top two really were? Here they are:

#1 Knowing that you can make a difference at work

#2 Being recognized for what you do at work. 

In the interviews that Nelson conducted, he discovered that 68% of employees have never even heard a simple thank-you from their boss or supervisor. When it comes to positive reinforcement, it seems that recognition is the most important motivator for employees and yet the least important for their bosses.

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Our goal at Bread and Butter Basket Co is to change the way you and other employers think about thank you gifts and most importantly, remind everyone of how important the simple act of saying thank-you truly is.

Simply put, we believe in recognizing, rewarding and ultimately retaining your employees or clientele. This means saying thank you whenever it is earned, not just during the (Christmas) holidays. The more we say thank you throughout the year, the less we have to overcompensate for our lack-there-of’s when it comes to the holidays. For more on what corporate gifting means to us at B&B, check out our article entitled, What is Corporate Gifting.

That said, the workplace is probably the toughest area to navigate when it comes to giving a gift. You don’t want to give the wrong impression either by spending too much or too little and no one wants to give a gift the person isn’t excited about.

So, how do you say thank-you for a job well done?

Trust us on this one: simply finding a thoughtful way to say thank-you and offer a token of your gratitude is often the best gift you can give.

First, start with a card and a thoughtful saying. Just writing thank-you on a paper or in an email is not an acceptable form of appreciation in this case. Here are some nice examples of what you could write:

We are thrilled to have you on our team or this is exactly why we need you on our team.

You are so creative – I love getting your perspective on things.

This work showcases your talent. You play such an important role in our team.

For more examples, check out this great article, 30 Ways to Say Great Job.

Next, come up with a thank you gift that will suit the person. Think back to past conversations about things they enjoy or look to their colleagues for inspiration. We love the idea of gifting wine, bread, cheese or fresh baking – something that they can really savour and enjoy.

Image courtesy of coward_lion /

Image courtesy of coward_lion /


Once you have the perfect gift and handwritten thank-you note, you can focus on the wrapping.  It’s all about the presentation here – not just a gift card left on their desk – you really want the person to know how truly valued they are.

We can help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list of people to thank – whether it is for a job well done, a regular client or you simply want to show your appreciation for someone special. For quick orders, visit our Order Page.

Remember, we can always customize gifts for our clients – just ask us what we can do to create your perfect gift by calling 780.666.7555 today.  

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